The Haitian Student Union: An Assemblage for the Haitian Community

HSU at the winter wonderland masquerade event | Photo Courtesy via Melinda Mondelus

Kaysea Suzana | Assistant Entertainment Director

The Haitian Student Union strives to unite FIU’s Haitian community and to enrich the student body as a whole.

HSU’s official message “unify all students of the Haitian diaspora here at FIU”, emphasizes their mission to highlight Haitian culture on campus and to introduce students into it. 

External vice president, and junior marine biology and applied science major, Melinda Mondelus, commented on the club’s focus.

“HSU intends to connect with the Haitian diaspora on campus and spread the knowledge to non-Haitian students.”

Mondelus specifies the importance of limiting said diaspora by intersecting university communities.

“This role is to keep connections with other universities’ Haitian student organizations and other organizations on campus,” Mondelus commented. 

Mondelus’ role in the club is more diplomatic, specializing more in maintaining healthy relationships with campus leaders and networking with other institutions.

Mondelus reflected on her experiences, and what she hopes for in the future for the club.

“FIU should look forward to HSU being bigger and better in the future,” Mondelus wrote.

Senior Liberal Studies major and HSU president Marie Joachim, wrote on her personal sentiment towards the union.

“HSU means a lot to me, being a Haitian immigrant, I see how my culture is misunderstood by many people. I see how there are a lot of ideas and concepts of what being Haitian consists of and many are inaccurate.”

Additionally, as president, Joachim spearheaded the decision to bring back HSU’s dance troupe, Tou Cho.

Joachim, who emphasized on the importance of expansion, wrote regarding her decision.

“This semester we grew drastically in numbers because we participated in a lot more tabling events, we made sure to let it be known that we are still active on campus,” Joachim wrote.

“I came into HSU not knowing anyone, and I also came in not knowing what exactly is required of me. I am now leaving with meaningful friendships, and with the satisfaction of Haitian culture being well represented here at FIU.”

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