Letter to the Editor: Reject Politicization and Misinformation

Members of Hillel and other students protesting the resolution at the student senate chambers on Nov. 27 | Samuel Larreal, PantherNOW.

Yishmael Columna | Junior, Political Science and International Relations Student

I want to bring to your attention the divisive points of the “Ceasefire-Now” Resolution. This resolution dismisses and politicizes our student body. The statement by FIU President, Kenneth Jessell, didn’t fail to address the difficulties faced by the Palestinians, but rather focused on terrorist attacks that affected the lives of people of our allies when the Oct.7 Massacre happened.

He stands not only with Israelis but also with Palestinians who have been subjected to the totalitarian, terror-centered rule of Hamas. He spoke to those affected the most: our Palestinian and Israeli students in their grief because of Hamas.    

The fifth clause purposely distinguishes the slaughter of Hamas and its terrorist attack in Israel and the victims of Israel’s military reaction in Gaza.

Recognizing the number of deaths of Palestinians lets you know about those who have perished while merely mentioning a “massacre that happened” in Israel simply reminds you of an ‘event’ and not the people killed in their homes; the elderly, the children, and entire families while being burned down by terrorists. 

No victims should be distinct whether those victims are Israeli or Palestinian.   

Gaza has been occupied since 2007 but occupied by Hamas. They won the elections, expelled their opposition, and imposed a theocratic, terror-based, totalitarian regime in the strip, forcing both Egypt and Israel to restrict their borders.   

If anything, the genocide is being committed by Hamas. By forcing Gazans to stay and killing those trying to escape. A real example of genocide, however, is how MENA states were so effective in eliminating their ancient Jews.

Even in countries like Iraq where Jews lived way before Islam or even Arabs settled and now Iraq has no Jews.

SGA should focus on the tangible problems our school has and not on the politics affecting the outside. The real problems are in Housing —which I am affected by as well— and the better funding of student organizations in dire need.

Passing this resolution will create an imaginary problem and make students hate each other. Reject SGA’s end to politicization with misinformation and propaganda. Student Senators, I have a problem with where your allegiance is, it’s not with Israel-Palestine, and not with misinformation.

Your allegiance is with the student body, not politics, and I implore you to help us.

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