Our generation should be more socially active

Brickell City Center at Night | Elise Gregg, PantherNOW

Kailey Krantz | Staff Writer

Going out and exploring the city’s nightlife is a great way for students to have fun. So why is there so much social awkwardness attached to it?

At a young age we’re exposed to hitting the town through movies and TV shows. It’s the “hot spot” for shopping, dining, dancing, hanging out with friends and possibly having a meet-cute. 

Unfortunately, college students nowadays have taken the ‘stay-at-home’ route, or if they are out of the house, chose to blend into the background.

I would love to go out with my friends and explore the city but sometimes I get anxious thinking about what would happen if I was the only one putting my foot forward.

What happens when you’re the only one on the dance floor? It creates social awkwardness and suddenly you wish you could’ve gone home sooner or not gone at all. 

That doesn’t sound exciting. What’s the point of going out if people aren’t going to enjoy their night?

I believe a big part of why we’re so socially awkward is because of our interactions with social media. 

Social media is great for connecting with people all over the world and sharing our favorite memories, but because of our overreliance on constantly updating our feeds, some students may go out only for the aesthetics and not live in the moment.

Even in more intimate settings, such as restaurants,  I am the only person at the table who puts my phone away and admires my surroundings, from the ambiance and the architecture to the soft background music that plays throughout the establishment.

It’s no fun going out with friends only to find them stuck on their phones or taking constant pictures of the place to update their feeds. 

Not only that, so many people have access to social media and recording devices at any given moment, some students may be scared of going onto the dance floor for fear of being recorded during an embarrassing moment and the video being posted for others to see.

I know it’s not going to be easy being in the limelight, but I would argue staying out of it for too long would also be terrible. Part of the joy of being alive is engaging with other people and living in the moment. 

If you step into the spotlight, the others will follow and join you on the fun, thus making it a memorable night. 


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