Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association prepares to meet industry demands

LSCMA site visit to the Port of Miami | Photo Courtesy of the LSCMA

Hennessy Sepulveda | Staff Writer

Miami is a global logistical hub, and FIU’s own Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association is making moves towards bright futures in the industry.

By allowing students to network with industry giants and form relationships with their future colleagues, LSCMA fosters community within the field.

LSCMA President and FIU senior in Logistics and supply chain management, Sebastian Paez, spoke on the focus of students intermingling. 

“At the end of the day it’s making sure there’s a space where people can say ‘hey you’re an FIU logistics student, I’m an FIU logistics student. Let’s talk,’” said Paez. 

Paez believes the chance at students getting to know future colleagues in the industry will allow for smoother partnerships when companies with FIU alumni in the logistics department collaborate.

International student as well as Senior Marketing Officer Joao De Santos, commented on the importance of logistics in business.

“You go to a store but you don’t think of how what you buy really got there,” said De Santos  

Logistics and supply chain management is a more pivotal part of business and merchandising  than people imagine. 

It deals with physically moving products from one place to another, from vehicles, fuel, everyday merchandise and even WI-FI.

“People don’t really consider that even if you have a product,” explained Paez, “You still need  to figure out how to get it somewhere.” 

The importance of logistics when moving products became apparent to companies during COVID-19 lockdowns when supply chains went into disarray and there were extreme delays in shipments. 

With a Statista study projecting 5 trillion ton-miles of freight moving through the United States by 2025, companies are now realizing how valuable logistics are and are looking to invest in talent to take on roles in departments that strictly focus on managing logistics and supply chains.

“We are at the period where it’s just after people realize that  [supply chain logistics] is important but just before it becomes a massive degree,” said Paez “It is the perfect time to be a logistics student in that regard.”

This relatively recent demand for those in the logistics field has led to many universities investing resources to offer this degree to students, including FIU in 2018.

Revamped just this fall following a hiatus due to COVID-19 shutdowns, the LSCMA offers opportunities for members to attend sessions with guest speakers from the industry like A Customs Brokerage’s president Gabriel Rodriguez.

For those who attended the lecture, Rodriguez directly offered job positions for his company. 

Career starting opportunities like this are exactly what the ethos of the LSCMA strives to produce.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron also appeared as a guest speaker for the LSCMA as he is on the advisory board of PayCargo.

“There are more companies coming to FIU, looking for Logistics students than there are students in the Logistics program,” said De Santos.

Presentation given by Port of Miami staff during LSCMA site visit | Photo courtesy of Joao De Santos

Presentation given by Port of Miami staff during LSCMA site visit | Photo courtesy of Joao De Santos

Slohan Bezerra, LSCMA member and Junior student in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Management, spoke on his own experience.

“The LSCMA expanded my knowledge and introduced me to incredible people, delving into the complexities and different fields of logistics and supply chain management,” said Slohan Bezerra. 

The group also takes chances to go to relevant events and conventions outside of FIU for further networking and learning opportunities.

On Nov. 30, members attended a site visit to the port of Miami where they received a tour of the facility and a chance to network with some of the Port’s managers. 

“There are a lot of opportunities for everyone, so for a student looking to join the LSCMA, I would recommend it,” said De Santos.

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