Show-and-tells and murder mystery parties with Alpha Psi Omega

The stage for the murder mystery party | Kaysea Suzana, PantherNOW

Priscilla Pozo and Kaysea Suzana | Assistant Entertainment Directors

The student organization Alpha Psi Omega prides itself on offering a community to theatrically inspired students.

APO, or the National Theatre Honor Society, was originally founded in the 1920s in a Virginian college, only to go nationwide as a means to promote dramatic productions in education.

Though APO appeals to many theatre and music majors, the organization is welcoming to all who have an interest in theatre or any creative passion.

Vice President of APO and Senior theatre design major Neena Davila spoke about their introduction into the club.

“It was actually my friend, a business major, that knew the president of APO at the time, that connected me to her. I felt it was a great way to begin connecting with people from the department,” Davila commented.

Davila also wrote regarding some of the more expansive events that APO has held.

“Museum Retreat at [Perez Art Museum Miami], Murder Mystery Dinner, painting with a twist, and a beach clean up.”

The Murder Mystery Dinner was one the more ambitious projects, as Senior Theatre Performance major and secretary of APO Lia Rodriguez comments.

“I feel like most recently the Murder Mystery Event we had earlier in the semester was very challenging. We had to be very specific with the amount of people who came and the roles. A lot of things had to be planned in order for it to work,” Rodriguez wrote.

The project involved different students being given impromptu roles with specific characteristics they had to emulate, while simultaneously looking through the set for clues of the story to figure out who among them killed the director. 

Furthermore, APO had several other events such as Gower’s Gallery, an event meant for students to bring a dish of their roots and to share about their culture.

Gower’s Gallery | Photo courtesy of APO

Alongside this, APO has hosted an event series known as the Hot Chocolate Conclave in which every Tuesday and Thursday they invite students into the Theatre Library for a drink and a chat on any topic.

“In APO you get to connect to people who are in theater and with other students that have interest in it…APO is full of creatives who are constantly wanting to make art so if you’re not currently in theater but itching to do something there’s always people ready to hop on board,” Rodriguez wrote.

In APO, there is no shortage of community. Whether you are interested in pursuing acting as a career, or simply curious about acting as a hobby, there is a place for everyone within the society. 

FIU alumna Kaitlyn P. Dziedzic, a Spring 2023 graduate who majored in Theatre (Acting) and minored in Dance, fondly recalls her three and a half years as an APO member.

“One of the biggest things that APO stands for is creating that sense of community within the organization and having this brotherhood, and sisterhood, because it is a co-ed fraternity. It just was a really good place to get together… and really get close to everyone via our craft and our interest in theatre,” Dziedzic said.

“I also did gain a lot of connections with alumni that I hadn’t met or current alumni who were part of the e-board during my time as well as just really good connections beyond [the organization].” 

APO is the bridge connecting FIU’s theatre majors and the rest of the student community under one common interest. 

From wellness sessions to exciting events to skill-building workshops, you’ll find a community of like-minded people ready to help you become your best self. Actor or not, you’ll be on your way to the big stage in no time. 

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