Write this one down: Important dates for spring 2024

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Gabriela Danger | Staff Writer 

The spring 2024 semester begins on Jan. 8 – here are all the dates you need to keep in mind for academics, financial aid, and more. 

Note that spring is from Jan. 8 to April 27, spring A is from Jan. 8 to Feb. 24, and spring B is from March 4 to April 27. 

For main semester or spring A students, the last day to register without receiving a $100 late registration fee is Jan. 7. For spring B students this day is March 3. 

Classes officially begin Jan. 8 for spring and spring A, and March 4 for spring B. 

For financial aid, Jan. 8 is also the day that short-term tuition loan applications become available for those in spring and spring A. This date is March 4 for spring B students.

Students in the former receive Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Day, off, meaning that the university is closed that day. 

Jan. 16 is the last day to add or drop classes or withdraw from FIU without a fee for spring and spring A students, and spring B students would have until March 11, after their semester begins. 

All payments are due by Jan. 17 for both spring and spring A, and March 12 for spring B. This includes general tuition payments. 

Cancellations of enrollment for fees and unpaid tuition elements not covered by scholarships, payment plans, or other such programs must be made by Jan. 19 (March 15 for spring B). 

Students should be on the lookout for Jan. 22, the day grant and scholarship disbursements begin for Spring and Spring A. For students who are enrolled in Spring B courses, disbursements begin on March 4. Disbursement money goes straight into your student account.

Refunds will begin 3-5 business days after the disbursements of the funds are declared, with the refund money being from remaining funds after all other charges have been paid. 

For more details on refunds, disbursements, and tuition payments, visit the FIU Office of the Controller’s website.

For all spring students, the final day to apply for graduation through their student portal  is Jan. 28. 

Students looking for a partial refund after withdrawing from all classes may receive 25% if they do so before Jan. 19 (spring A), Feb. 2 (spring), or March 15 (spring B). 

Spring break comes for students from Feb. 26 until March 2.

The last day to drop a course with a DR grade or withdraw from FIU with a WI grade falls on Feb. 5 for spring A, March 18 for spring, and April 1 for spring B. 

April 20 is the last regular class day for students in spring or spring B (Feb. 24 for spring A). Finals week begins from April 22 to 27 for all students with required class meetings. The final day of class for them is April 27th. 

Commencement ceremony dates for spring 2024 are from April 28 to May 2.

Grades are posted on May 2 for spring and spring B students, and on Feb. 29 for spring A. 
For more information on upcoming academic dates in spring 2024, visit the FIU OneStop website.

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