January concerts: starting off the semester with the School of Music

Flyer for New Music Miami ISCM Festival, which features performances mentioned below | Photo courtesy of FIU School of Music

Kaysea Suzana | Assistant Director of Entertainment

The Herbert and Nicole Wertheim School of Music is going to be busy this semester; here are some concert dates to keep in mind.

The season spans the New Music Miami ISCM Festival running from Jan. 17 through April 24th, beginning with the artists-in-residence ensemble, The Amernet String-Quartet

Amernet has toured around US universities, even going abroad to countries like Mexico, Colombia, Serbia, and more. 

Founder of the New Music Miami ISCM Festival, FIU NODUS Ensemble, & FIU New Music Ensemble, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, also the Artistic Festival Director and Grammy-nominated artist. 

Saturday, Jan. 20, the FIU Festival of Jazz Bands’ 2024 concert will take place.

Legendary guest musician, Iganacio Berroa will play alongside the FIU Jazz Faculty Quartet, consisting of Gary Campbell on the saxophone, Ruben Caban with the trombone, Michael Eckroth playing the piano, and Jamie Ousley with the bass.

Crowding Jan. 20 are workshops done by Berroa for many visiting highschool students, with the opportunity for many of them to learn about FIU and prepare for auditions.

For Jan. 24, filling in the wood-wind desire is Dana Jessen with solos on the bassoon. 

Jessen, who has done world-premier performances in North America and Europe, has partook in four albums released in the last eight years. 

To end off the month, renowned percussionist Al Cerulo will perform a solo concert, with pieces from composers Matthew Rosenblum, Jude Traxler, Paula Matthusen, and Eve Beglarian. 

Cerulo, who is a founding member of the Mantra Percussion, is actively a recording artist, as well as performed with groups such as the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble and more.

Stay tuned for more from the school of music for the spring semester!

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