What Students Need to Know about SGA Elections

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Gabriela Danger | Staff Writer

With the new semester beginning, elections for the Student Government Association are on the horizon. 

At an information session held via Zoom on Jan. 22, important topics for students interested in running for SGA or following the elections were shared by members of the elections board at FIU. 

According to Melanie Montes, the elections commissioner for SGA, the elections board “Are the people that you direct any questions that you have during elections toward.” 

She went on to add that their main duty is to “oversee elections and execute the elections code,” making sure all candidates and parties are following it. They also hold violation meetings, if any part of the code is broken. 

Some important dates were given as well. 

Candidate applications recently opened, on Jan. 19. Students have until Feb. 1 to apply to run for SGA. 

The candidate list is decided and shared on Feb. 8, with campaigning beginning on Feb. 9. 

An official elections debate is being held on Feb. 21, in GC 243 at 6 pm. 

Voting day is Mar. 5-6, with results/winners being announced on Mar. 8 in GC Pit. 

Montes also went on to tell of what seats are available to be run for. These include: 

• Business (5)

• Housing (3 for MMC, 1 for BBC)

• CASE (11)

• SIPA (3)

• CARTA (2)

• Lower Division (1 for MMC, 1 for BBC)

• Engineering & Computing (4)

• Nursing & Health Sciences (1)

• Graduate (5)

• Online (1)

• Honors College (1)

• Public Health & Social Work (1)

• Hospitality & Tourism Management (1)

• Upper Division (2 for MMC, 2 for BBC)

Also shown were the requirements for both parties and candidates to be eligible to run, according to the FIU constitution. They are shown verbatim in the images below:

SGA elections
SGA elections
SGA elections

With all of this key information in mind, be on the lookout for SGA election events.

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