FIU’s Food Pantry Increases in Usage

student food pantrySecond-year digital communications student Milana Stryhun shopping at the pantry | Aziza Ibragimova, PantherNOW

Rebecca Abraham & Aziza Ibragimova | Contributing Writers

According to an email by Charles Andrews, the Student Food Pantry on the MMC campus has witnessed an increasing demand from FIU students.

The Student Food Pantry, located on the second floor of the Graham Center, serves FIU students in need by allowing students to pick up items free of cost. 

Non-perishable foods including canned proteins, fruits, dairy, and vegetables are collected by students who find themselves unable to afford groceries during the semester. Currently, the Student Food Pantry allows students to get up to eight pounds of non-perishable items a week. 

Since it opened in 2014, the pantry has experienced a gradual increase in service among students in need. 

Joanna Garcia, the program director of the Student Pantry discussed the increase in an interview with PantherNOW. “The demand in Pantry grew as more people became aware of it through FIU media channels and fellow students, especially during the COVID challenges,” she said.

Master’s student, Anna Grigorian, shared her story. “As an engineering major, I don’t have extra time on my hands to go shopping every week and cook nice meals,” she said. “Consequently, I decided to check out FIU resources and found out about the food pantry. I’ve used it numerous times and it helped me to save time and money on traveling and groceries itself”

To continue providing support to students, FlU Pantry relies heavily on donations. Despite the increasing demand, Garcia notes that the food and monetary donations have remained consistent. 

Students can contribute by making donations of any amount on the official website of FIU Pantry, ensuring that the pantry can continue its crucial work.

Garcia recognizes that there is always room for improvement. “With the increasing demand, there is a need for expansion with more staff and bigger storage to store food items that need refrigeration,” says Joanna. 

She also has some ideas about where the Student Food Pantry can offer a wider variety of goods.

“With the support and dedication of the FIU community, I envision a bright future for the Pantry!”

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