Commissioner Christine King Addresses FIU Students on Key Community Matters

Community MattersStudents with Commissioner King | Courtesy of Agatha Caraballo, founding director Maurice A. Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership

Malik Wahab Rashid | Contributing Writer

Miami Commissioner Christine King addressed students on issues such as early elections and environmental preservation on Monday, Jan. 29 for the Maurice A. Ferre Institute for Civic Leadership. 

King came along with her campaign manager.

Her visit was more than just a conversation on building the foundation for future information that could benefit Miami.

During her speech at FIU, King stressed the need for early elections and civic participation.

Community Matters
Commissioner Christine King at the event | Courtesy of Agatha Caraballo, founding director Maurice A. Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership

She encouraged students to take an active role in the political process by registering to vote, keeping up with local problems, and using their right to cast a ballot. 

“Students are the future,” said King.  

King underlined the significance of environmental policies in addition to talking about voting participation, highlighting the global framework established by the UN Special Political Mission (SPD). 

As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, all United Nations Member States accepted 17 global goals in 2015, which are collectively known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

These objectives aim to promote sustainable development. 

With the ultimate goal of fostering peace, justice, and strong global partnerships, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address significant concerns like eradicating poverty, promoting good health, gender equality, and ensuring sustainable cities.

“The goal is pledged to reduce our carbon footprint, addressing the impacts of climate change,” said King. 

With this King put an insight on homelessness in Miami. “In Miami, we are effectively managing homelessness, surpassing the efforts of many other states,” said King. 

King is working hard to help homeless people in Miami.

The statement reflects Miami’s approach to this social issue. King said “3 million dollars” for providing shelter to homeless families.  

King declared her intention to teach politics in Miami starting in the fall of 2024, demonstrating her dedication to community service. She is committed to promoting civic education in order to make voters more knowledgeable and to help Miami people have a deeper comprehension of local policies.

Working with four men in her office, King is an advocate for gender equality. Through her leadership, she fosters an environment that honors the contributions of both men and women, exemplifying a dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

“In Miami, diversity isn’t just a feature—it’s our defining strength!” claimed King.

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