Student contestants dazzle in Miss Caribbean Association Pageant

Winner Melini Gosine, representing Trinidad and Tobago | Alejandra Ayala, PantherNOW

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Alejandra Ayala | Photographer

Student contestants raced for the Miss CSA pageant crown in the Graham Center stage on Jan. 30.

Hosted by the Caribbean Student Association, the contestants represented countries from all over the Caribbean, including Haiti, Grenada, Cuba and Jamaica.

The event is part of a larger pageant competition between CSA chapters in Florida universities.

This year’s winner, Melini Gosine, representing Trinidad and Tobago, will go on to the district-level competition.

Alumni and Black Student Union member Gabrielle Merad shared her expectations for the night’s events.

“This is a pageant for the Caribbean students association and here they are just crowing the queen for the FIU chapter to go on to districts,” said Merad.

“Because it’s a Caribbean pageant, expect a lot dancing, a lot of colors, very loud and joyful music, and a lot of smiles and fun.”

Lianet Ortiz Guzman, president of the Florida Caribbean Students Association and winner of this year’s FSCA pageant, explained the process to be crowned Caribbean queen of Florida.

“The winner will then go on to take the FCSA title, which is they’re going to be Miss Florida Caribbean Student Association,” said Guzman.

“I’m really excited just to see all the girls come out, because all of them come very different islands, so it’s going to be nice to learn more about their culture.”

Check out some videos of the night below!

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