Letter to the Editor: Statement on the Elimination of DEI & Social Justice at FIU

Current DEI website content after rebranding | Elise Gregg, PantherNOW

Alexander Sutton | Student Body President

Kaily LaChapelle| Pride Student Union President

Grace Biggers | Black Student Union President

The Student Government Association is saddened to see the closure of FIU’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Office of Social Justice and Inclusion. Although we recognize that FIU’s administration had no choice in this, we stand against the laws and regulations passed in Florida that required FIU to make this change.

Our university has always prided itself on the diversity of our student body and the sense of community that FIU has fostered for so many Panthers. Many of our university’s diversity and social justice initiatives have helped marginalized students feel at home. And yet, we must all now carefully curate our words when we speak of these programs because the offices that organized them have just been dismantled by order of the state government.

The good news is this: all of the initiatives we know and love will continue to exist. We are hopeful that FIU will find ways to keep supporting marginalized students while remaining in compliance with these new regulations. However, we are distraught that these departments had to be renamed, and we’re saddened to see that FIU has had to hide its diversity and inclusivity programs behind webpages covered in vague doublespeak.

Your student government will continue to advocate for all students and our rights and freedoms. We will keep pushing back against efforts to dismantle the very programs that make FIU such a safe, inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community. The fight for justice is never an easy one, but in the long run, we know justice will prevail. You can count on us to lead the charge for our rights and freedoms every step of the way.

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