Geek Club unites over art and Pokémon

Members of the Geek Club pose with their finished artworks| Courtesy of Logan Castellano

Cosette Lipscomb | Contributing Writer

The Geek Culture Club hosted their first event of the Spring semester by bringing all Pokémon lovers together to paint cute tote bags.

The event, held on Feb. 9, was curated by senior Angela Alvarez, the Art Guild Manager, who got inspiration from other clubs around campus and wanted to put her own twist on it.

“Pokémon has a really big fan base in our club, especially in the whole FIU community,” said Alvarez.

Members were offered the choice to either trace their Pokémon from printed sheets or free-hand their Pokémon if it wasn’t offered. Then, they could paint their designs with fabric paint onto their tote bags.

There was a wide variety of Pokémon being painted, from all different generations. Pikachu and Eevee were the most painted but more obscure ones such as Wooloo, Oshawott, and Spheal were also seen.

The Geek Club emphasizes accommodating everyone. Despite different interests or hobbies, the club creates a welcoming atmosphere that can be a haven for anybody. 

”We just try and go ahead to accommodate everyone just to make sure everyone feels safe,” said Logan Castellano, Registered Student Organization Representative. “It’s a safe haven for people with different interests”.

With each stroke of a paintbrush, students connect and enjoy their nerdcore niche.

“You can go ahead and create more friends, create a more safe environment, which is what our board members try to enforce. A safer environment for anyone to come into the club, feel welcome, and not feel that they can be left out” said Castellano.

The meeting had a large turnout, and many members enjoyed being able to end the week with awesome creative ways to relax and have fun.

Geek club members painting their favorite Pokémon on their tote bags| Courtesy of Logan Castellano

Raymond Puentes, a senior, enjoys the healthy community spirit based on familiar and new fandoms.

”Seeing people being able to partake in their niche interests in an open and safe space” is something that Puentes enjoys most about the club. 

“You can find a wide variety of events to attend,” Puentes said.

Overall, the art event allowed for students to come together and create lasting memories, while also creating some functional and chic apparel.

Members of the Geek Culture Club pose for a selfie while creating tote bags | Photo courtesy of Logan Castellano

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