Miami Beach is finally making a change

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Benz De Marshall Pierre | Staff Writer

The City of Miami Beach is putting an end to the criminal madness by enforcing stricter policies, which amount to a cancellation of spring break. Of all the things that have been canceled or banned in Florida over the past 3 years, this cancellation is long overdue.  

The city now aims to discourage the crowd of spring breakers from coming by implementing harsher measures ranging from having them pay $100 for parking, double-towing fees for non-residents , DUI checkpoints and heightened police enforcement for the consumption of alcohol in public.

Considering that the city has made headlines for some of its most disturbing crime sprees during spring break, it’s about time something is done to tame stave off the mayhem. Take last year for instance, the police seized 80 guns and made 1000 arrests.   

In 2021, a young lady was approached by two young men who escorted her to her hotel room. They later drugged, and raped her, after which she died.  Thankfully, the police have found and charged these men, but a family had lost their daughter. 

By these accounts, spring break seems like a time when the fever of partying seems to imply that individuals have the license to do disgraceful things. What’s outrageous about this is that this is not just about young folks doing dumb things, it’s about the committing of serious crimes. 

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that a crime is not fun, even if it’s a twisted trend on some social media platform. 

None of this is to say that all spring breakers want to cause chaos on Miami Beach. I am certain others have no other goals but to be immersed in the city’s nocturnal life without causing the slightest harm to others. 

As spring break approaches, tourists will find that the city is not very keen on letting the celebration take hold. I often meet people from other states who say they come to Miami for the sun, the sandy beaches and all other attractive amenities that it offers. 

These people also expressed the desire to not shy away from Miami’s nightlife, but unfortunately, they will be disappointed to see their movements in the city restricted. 

What I mean to say is that we are projecting a poor image of the city. This is to say nothing of the property damages that were also wrought. 

These small business owners work assiduously to maintain the beautiful colors of the city, and as a reward, their bars and restaurants have become theaters of mayhem

While these losses are relevant, we also can’t ignore that spring break is also expected to be good for business. Curbing these activities might prove to be a loss of income.

These new measures seem like the right steps in keeping the wildest impulses of these spring breakers in check; we now await how they will be enforced.

It will not be easy to discourage common spring break activities but for the sake of those who live near the beach, these steps are quite necessary. 

As we inch closer to spring break season, students should be sharply aware of this new round of  restrictions and plan ahead. Heavy police presence, alcohol testing, and DUI checkpoints, should indicate that the city intends to keep a watchful eye on the festivities. 

Maybe this also means that the most trivial things that once would have been forgiven will not be dealt the same way anymore. It’s up to us all to be vigilant and act responsibly for a successful and enjoyable spring break. 


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