“Che Bello!”: Italian Club hosts exciting conversation circles

Members of the Italian club pose with their country’s flag | Photo Courtesy of Rosalyn Asusta

Cosette Lipscomb | Contributing Writer

“Buona sera a tutti” might be a phrase you hear when meeting with the Italian club at FIU.

Members of the Italian club held their second “Chiacchierata,” or chat of the semester, on Feb. 22.

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to come join them in conversations and free pizza.

During conversation circles, students were able to sit down and talk about anything they wanted. This includes school, family friends, and even current events happening at FIU and all around the world.

By talking to each other in Italian, speakers can improve their conversation skills and help others who may still be learning the language.

Rosalyn Asusta, senior and vice president of the club, led the group into an energetic conversation with each other.

“I enjoy practicing my Italian. It’s a passion of mine,” said Asusta, a Liberal Studies major. “I enjoy finding the Italian community here at FIU because it is so small.”

Even though the community itself is not large, the club makes up for it by hosting events that help bring students with a passion for Italian culture together.

Events held by the club include philanthropy events, volunteering, and anything regarding the Italian culture itself.

“We encourage people to speak and practice their Italian, even if they are beginners,” said Asusta.

Language, and its importance on health and culture is also another aspect that many members, including alumni Alex Rodriguez, see in the club.

“I feel like it is very important for the brain,” says Rodriguez. “It allows you to communicate with people better, know different cultures, open your mind to different ways of seeing the world”.

Even though learning a new language can be difficult, Rodriguez has proven that it just takes determination. 

With just three years of practice, he has been able to have meaningful conversations with others in the club.

”That’s why I like learning so much. You can also visit different countries and have different experiences,” said Rodriguez.

Members of the Italian club made their own pizzas in one of their cultural events | Photo Courtesy of Rosalyn Asusta

A member and long time speaker of the language, Camilla Mazzocchi, commended the club for its inclusivity and importance in the community.

“What you really need to join the club is your willpower,” said the senior International Relations major. 

Mazzocchi’s Italian heritage has influenced her to help build connections between like minded students.

“I’m Italian so I just felt like it was a good idea to meet people who weren’t even Italian but who had a passion or interest in that language,” said Mazzocchi.

Even though the Italian population is somewhat prominent in places like Miami Beach, it is still relatively small compared to other demographics in Miami.

“We live in a very dissimilar place compared to other places in the US where America and English are at the core of everyone’s perception,” said Mazzocchi. 

“There’s no singular culture. There’s no singular person anymore.”

Although the humanities clubs at FIU are important, some members of the Italian club feel like these clubs do tend to get overlooked.

“I do think that we could do more because there are some communities that are so small,” said Asusta.

The importance of these language clubs help build a close knit community. 

Especially at an International school, language clubs make up the foundation for what it means to be an international student in a certain demographic.

However, the Italian club has continued to persevere, making it a worthwhile club to join.

“The Italian club has exceeded my expectations. I’ve made a lot of new friends,” said Asusta.

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