In Florida, all things blue must burn

As Florida becomes increasingly red, there may be no place for any other dissenting entity to make an impact.| Benz De Marshall Pierre, PantherNOW

Benz De Marshall Pierre| Staff Writer

The Republican-controlled legislature in Tallahassee clearly has not had its fill of gutting the slightest liberal endeavor, as is shown in a barrage of bills. Now, so called blue cities will suffer and it would appear that not even the Florida Democratic Party has been spared from these capricious attacks. 

Tallahassee’s most audacious crackdown on blue things was unveiled last year through the introduction of the Ultimate Cancel Act. The bill would eliminate the Florida Democratic Party for its 150-year-old transgression of being a prominent supporter of slavery.  

The bill is on one hand laughable, and on the other, very dangerous. The likelihood of considering eliminating a political party for its 150-year-old sin reads like a dazzling chapter from a dystopian novel. 

Though nothing has been said about the future of this particular bill, the barrage of bills that are being pushed into effect is borderline stupid. 

We can all recall the unprecedentedly high global temperature we suffered last year. Some Florida counties wanted to do something for workers who labor outdoors, but Tallahassee would have none of that. 

Through preemptive actions, which are acts through which a government can override local government ordinances, the legislature passed a cruel law. This law releases companies that hire such workers from the responsibility of giving them heat protection as they work under the scorching sun.  

A bill prohibiting Government offices from having pride flags adorning their building is also nearer to becoming law. 

In another show of assertiveness, Tallahassee absorbed the power of local governments to enact policies affecting their residents. Businesses more specifically may receive the legislature’s support in allowing them to challenge any local ordinance that hurts their interests

Though I know there is a necessity to create an environment where small businesses can flourish, businesses often abuse their employees. In this present case, only a responsible city hall can come to their aid in case of abuse. 

Leaving these employees and the oft-important local agendas at the mercy of businesses is not a good idea at all. 

This is quite a remarkable reversal. Republicans used to firmly believe in the Jeffersonian maxim of  “the closest government governs best”, but this new brand of political assertiveness that seeks to absorb powers traditionally left to local governments is challenging that creed. 

Upon further analysis of these actions, it can be inferred that the state is exhausting the preemptive prerogative and absorbing a lot of vital powers. It’s burdening itself with them because some local governments are tilting to the left side of politics. 

What’s likely to happen as these cities get stripped of some of their most vital powers is that they will be turned into vassals. Interestingly, this also means that the state would be burdened with petty demands coming from everywhere about many different things. That in itself can paralyze it. 

What will happen in case of an emergency that requires quick action at the local level? Should local leaders be forced to apply to the sympathies of the legislature just so that they could do something that they are in a much better position to do?

As Florida becomes increasingly red, there may be no place for any other dissenting entity to make an impact. Stupidity and greed for political power might transform a once ideologically balanced state into a haven for extreme right-wing madness, and it’s all intentional. 


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