CASE Club Fair makes networking easy for students

Club members piqued passerby students' interest | Kaysea Suzana, PantherNOW

Information and networking was the name of the game with CASE’s club fair, coordinated and planned by SGA senator Alexandra Barriga.

The National Society of Black Women in Medicine, Med Reach, Pre-Med American Medical Student Association, and more clubs were in attendance at the Graham Center Lawns on Wednesday, Mar. 12.

A gimmick of the fair was issuing students a “passport” in which they would go around acquiring signatures from various clubs to finally present them for prizes.

Signatures netted students pizza slices, snacks, and even a chance at winning a mystery prize.

Biological, natural, and applied science major Antaneshia Harris is the FIU chapter president for NSBWM.

For Harris, it is the NSBWM’s mission to uphold a comfortable community for black women in the medical sphere. 

“We specialize in providing a safe space for black women as they pursue careers in the healthcare field.

“Whether it’s pre-med, nursing or physical therapy, we try to do anything that we can to provide our ladies with enough resources to strengthen their resume,” said Harris.

The NSBWM was fundraising, with their table offering a selection of snacks, candies and mocktails.

Furthering the medical topic was Med Reach, an organization that partners with international medical teams. 

Senior behavioral neuroscience major Julianna Santiago spoke on Med Reach’s goals.

“We partner with [The International Teams] in order to go to other places around the world and help them,” Santiago said.

Among the locations the international teams help are locales like Colombia, Venezuela or more recently our very own Hawaii during the Maui fires.

It is for this reason that Med Reach also prioritizes fundraising for the purpose of acquiring supplies to ship over. 

Med Reach’s primary student focus is their volunteering hours, their shadowing opportunities and their bi-weekly meetings. 

The Future Educators Association was also present, with senior English education major Mary Beth Avril representing. 

With their upcoming spring panel, the FEA is expecting “seasoned educators” to present a talk on the state of education in Florida.

“We’re really all about promoting and advocating for education. From elementary school to college,” said Avril.

The student-run organization mostly caters to students, faculty or any interested parties in developing their professional relationship with education. 

Overall, the CASE club fair highlights one important message: regardless of your major, there is always a community for anyone at FIU. 

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