Aural Art Show Brings Aestheticism to Architects

The exhibition featuring multimodal artforms | Allyson Ifergan, PantherNOW

Allyson Ifergan & Kaysea Suzana | PantherNOW Staff

Alt pop brought an art show to life at the Paul Cejas School of Architecture, bringing together students and art mediums.

Students and guests joined several architecture organizations at the BEA Gallery on Thursday, Mar. 21 at 7:00 P.M. for a multimedia art show.

The free event gave noise to the night, being hosted by four student-led architecture organizations including: Alpha Rho Chi, American Institute of Architecture Students, American Society of Landscape Architects, and National Organization of Minority Architecture Students at FIU.

Senior architecture major Dora Otano and President of Alpha Rho Chi spoke to PantherNOW on why the event was hosted in the first place.

“[In] architecture school we really do focus a lot on the positives but we don’t focus on the negatives.You’ll see us here at three in the morning working on our craft… This event really gives us the opportunity to wind down,” Otano said.

The aural art show is part of the third annual collaboration amongst the architecture societies, in an attempt to unify the architecture students and promote creative expression.

Co-president of the International Interior Design association and senior architecture major Chelsea Abella spoke about the efforts of setting up the exhibition.

“We each created different promotional graphics to try to get a lot more involvement from architecture and even people outside the program. This started as a way for architecture students to showcase what they do outside of the studio,” said Abella.

Abella also commented that artists are competing for a mystery prize and certification, ordained by judges who walked around the exhibition and took notes.

The prize certificate for the art contest winner | Kaysea Suzana, PantherNOW

Many students were not even aware of the event, but were magnetized to it due to the music, such as pre-nursing major Pius Arquillo.

“I actually came in here not knowing this was a thing. I was just skating around..I knew a couple  people here,” Arquillo said.

The band was local south Florida musicians from Broward known as The Borin Brothers, an alternative pop group composed of blood-related brothers.

The Borin Brothers | Kaysea Suzana, PantherNOW

Father and band manager Marcelo Borin spoke on the band’s purpose.

“We’re here to have a good time. We’re here to serve [FIU students]. We love to entertain people.”

Some students were surprised to see their friends’ art in the gallery.

“I’m enjoying this a lot. There’s a couple people here I know with their art” Arquillo said. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts Student, Victor Diego, exhibited a “A Lover’s First Requiem”, an acrylic self portrait about his first encounter with love. 

“A Lover’s First Requiem” painted by Victor Diego | Allyson Ifergan, PantherNOW

“It was the first time I fell, and I fell pretty hard… It was my first time experiencing heartbreak,” said Diego.

The event brought in many students and elicited an exciting end to the night, with a glimpse into the future that the architecture societies will collaborate once more.

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