New Resolution fights back on the “War on Woke”

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Danette Heredia | Staff Writer

In light of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s ‘war on woke’, Senate President Kaily LaChapelle sponsors the resolution “Can’t Ban Us 2.0”, to condemn the multitude of Gov. DeSantis’s bills and foster a welcoming campus for students and faculties freedom of personal expression.

Over the past five years, Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken extreme initiatives in his ‘war on woke’, developing bills limiting K-12 teaching material, public restrooms, personal identification, and more. 

Many of these bills have targeted LGBTQIA+ communities, limiting sexual and gender identification and expression all over Florida. 

Last year, Senate President LaChapelle sponsored the first “Can’t Ban Us”, a resolution that targets the condemning of the Florida House Bill 7 (Stop W.O.K.E Act), House Bill 999 and SB 266 as a message to students that FIU stands with the support and protection of LGBTQIA+ communities. 

“Rather than sit here and be like ‘we denounce these bills,’ a year later, I thought it was very important to more depth explain how these bills have impacted students on our very campus,” said Senate President LaChapelle during their opening statement. 

“Can’t Ban Us 2.0” incorporates an abundance of statistics and studies to justify their claims on the extreme amount of damage that Gov. DeSantis has done to queer communities in Florida with a focus on students. 

Many of these statistics reveal a concerning increase in bullying and hate crimes on students ever since the start of Gov. DeSantis’s ‘war on woke’. 

Through this resolution, the Student Government Association commits to always supporting LGBTQIA+ students and condemning any future attacks that target personal freedoms.

The resolution also highlighted SGA’s pledge to generously fund any diversity, equity, and inclusive organizations at FIU. 

“Can’t Ban Us 2.0” serves as a message for future and current students that FIU is a community where you can express yourself freely and comfortably. 

“If we keep turning away students just because of how they are, we’re not going to get the highest of the crop, the best of quality, and I think it so important that we recognize that,” says Senator Dale Brochinsky during discussion. 

“Can’t Ban Us 2.0” passed with an overwhelming majority.

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