FIUPD Sends Alert Regarding Fake Employment Schemes

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Ram Praneeth | Staff Writer

The FIU Police Department, in collaboration with the FIU Division of Information Technology, has issued a crucial alert on Wed. April 10 regarding a recent surge in reports concerning fraudulent employment schemes circulating on various online platforms.

“We’ve received reports of individuals impersonating FIU faculty to lure victims into fake job offers,”  said the FIUPD in a recent email. These scams appear on various online platforms.

Victims respond to the advertised positions and receive an email that appears legitimate,  containing an FIU faculty member’s name. However, a closer look reveals an additional, suspicious email address attached “via”.

employment schemes
Email regarding the scam | Screenshot from FIUPD

The scam progresses by requesting personal information such as name, email address, resume, and even age/gender.  “Never share such details with unknown senders,” warns the FIUPD.

The fraudulent offer unfolds with a promise of employment but with a peculiar condition. Victims are instructed to deposit a check, often electronically, and then return a portion of the funds via money transfer services.

“These checks are fake,” emphasizes the FIUPD. Once deposited, the bank will eventually notify the victim of the fraud.

“FIU will never request your username, password, or 2FA verification,” emphasizes FIUPD. “Be wary of such requests, especially from unknown senders.”

“Exercise caution if someone you don’t know asks for personal information,” advises FIUPD. “Protect your privacy and only share information with trusted sources.”

“Never deposit a check from an untrusted source,” warns FIUPD. “Avoid financial risks and scrutinize the legitimacy of all transactions.”

“Do not send money to strangers through money transfer services,” cautions FIUPD. “Stay vigilant and safeguard your finances from potential scams.”

If you suspect you’ve been targeted by a scam, report it immediately to FIU PD at 305-348-2626, contact your bank, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

“Stay informed and protect yourself from these scams,” urges the FIUPD. Visit the FTC’s website for more information on spotting, avoiding, and reporting fake check scams.

This “Timely Warning Notice” is issued in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act to inform the FIU community about a potential threat.

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