A heist at the Panther Mock Trial Banquet

Panther Mock Trial Team Members. | Allyson Ifergan, PantherNOW

Allyson Ifergan | Contributing Writer 

Ending with extravagant outfits and a masked ball, Panther Mock Trial hosted an end of year gala on April 27 at 7 p.m. in the FIU Faculty Club

Referring to simulated courtroom trials, Panther Mock Trial often hosts teams that compete in these trials as attorneys or witnesses. 

Students celebrated the competitive season with a night themed after a case they faced during the 2023-2024 season. 

The event recreated a case where a robbery took place at an awards banquet, and the black tie event did not fail to impress.

Panther Mock Trial is a club housed within the honors college but is open to students from all majors and years. 

The club travels to go to compete against other schools in simulated courtroom trials governed by the American Mock Trial Association

Each Mock Trial consists of either a civil problem or a criminal problem.

For Panther Mock Trial team members and coaches, they found this past year to be one of reflection.

Panther Mock Trial coach Kioceaia Stenson Holiday spoke on the club’s accomplishments.

“It was one of our most successful years to date,” Holiday said.

The Panther Mock Trial students gave speeches, swore in the new e-board, received awards, bidded the graduating team members a farewell and even staged a heist. 

The organization was collecting toys for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in which a couple of organization members pretended to steal in order to contribute to the night’s theme.

Panther Mock Trial coach Eddie Holiday commented on the theme for this year’s party.

“This year happened to be a criminal problem, and the criminal problem involved a robbery at an awards banquet where people were wearing masks,” Eddie Holiday said. 

The heist intended to parody the previous trial, which concluded with the “robbers” returning to the room with gifts for their coaches. 

The gala had many heartfelt moments and some team members expressed that Mock Trial fostered a sense of community for them.  

Junior Political Science major and Panther Mock Trial Vice President Emily Swann mentioned the cohesive nature of the club.

“It’s like a family. Even the people I don’t know well, I know extremely well,” said Swann.

Video of Panther Mock Trial Banquet. | Allyson Ifergan, PantherNOW

Over the summer semester, the Panther Mock Trial plans on having information sessions for students interested in joining.

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