Political influence in education is getting out of hand 

Political influence is poisoning our education system. | Heidi Cuevas, PantherNOW

Kailey Krantz | Staff Writer 

The political influence in the classroom is getting ridiculous. If it continues, it’s only going to lead to harmful policies that will limit students’ chances of getting the education we deserve. 

Educating students on global and social issues is monumental for students to become well-informed adults.

This isn’t about whether or not the content teachers are using in the classroom is “programming” students, it’s about the strong political influence in our education system. 

It baffles me that any form of education that’s not trying to be a revisionist conservative fantasy immediately gets attacked by Florida’s government and uses the excuse of “indoctrination”  as a scapegoat. 

DeSantis calling Florida the “Education State”  is laughable since he’s the one who was willing to defile the nonpartisan sanctity of education to be “better respected” by his political party. 

It’s apparent from the moment he calls the current education system “woke”, a deceitful buzzword used by right-wing politicians to justify whining about school lessons that don’t cater to their ideals. 

DeSantis didn’t call Florida the “Education State” because students are getting a diverse education, he called it that because it’s openly defining his version of education. 

To make matters worse, teachers are getting severe backlash from these political changes.

With their paychecks being slashed, they are unable to pay for their expenses and afford necessities such as food, rent and water.

DEI was shut down because DeSantis felt like these programs were the biggest proponents of the “woke agenda” he wanted to conquer. 

Then there are the policies like book banning and the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill that limits the students and teachers’ freedom of expression with their sexuality, gender and their ability to learn from authors and educators with diverse backgrounds. 

The issue of teachers being disrespected in and out of their fields has been voiced for years and yet not enough has been done about it. 

Political influence is poisoning our education system. So, why would FIU students bother pursuing this vital career if their subject content is going to be restricted or ridiculed by others who don’t understand what makes a profound teacher?

This blatant fearmongering is what right-wing politicians want. 

They want people to step away from the academic field because they know access to nonpartisan education – especially lessons that inform students about some of the backward tactics conservative politicians use – would result in fewer votes and fewer chances to be in office. 

Knowledge is power and conservative politicians are willing to destroy the nuanced school system to get what they want. 

A decent education is one of the most fundamental aspects of our lives. We have to keep fighting for our teachers to preserve our futures as intelligent and informed adults.


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  1. Merline Malcolm | May 15, 2024 at 1:30 AM | Reply

    As a teacher serving in her thirty-sixth year in public education, I thank you for speakinng up on behalf of teachers and educators. I applaud and appreciate your courage in doing so. #Speakingtruthtopower

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