Arts degrees have worth and that should be recognized

Arts majors deserve more respect and appreciation for their significant impact on society. | Heidi Cuevas, PantherNOW

Ariana Rodriguez | Staff Writer

From our studios to our performing arts centers, FIU has amazing arts programs that deserve more recognition. With the future of art is within our hands, it’s imperative that people pursue arts degrees despite the stigma of job insecurity.

Being an arts major often comes with a lack of respect since many see it as an impractical choice compared to fields in STEM or business.

This perception is influenced by societal and parental pressures that we need to prioritize financial security over pursuing one’s passion but it’s possible to do both. 

While it’s true that arts degrees might not always lead directly to high-paying jobs after graduation, neither do many other fields in today’s job market

Art helps us understand each other, sparks critical thinking, and gives voice to complex emotions, so why is it that society views it as worthless?

Despite these strengths, arts programs at FIU often struggle for students causing these fields to start falling through the cracks like sociology

This imbalance is not limited to FIU but in society and home life where the cultural and educational value of the arts is overshadowed by the commercial appeal of luxury living.

The need to make money is what drives most of us because success seems to be measured by financial gain. Parents who often want the best for their children steer them toward careers that seem more secure but in reality it’s a challenge for everyone. 

This is especially true given the current job market and high housing costs which heightens the pressure of financial stability for graduates. The fear of financial instability is real, but it narrows our idea of what a successful career looks like which often causes us to ignore the fulfillment that comes from creative and intellectual pursuits.

The idea that arts degrees don’t pay off isn’t entirely true. While the path to financial success in the arts can be less direct, many artists find success and recognition by creating their own opportunities. 

Cutting funding for arts programs in schools and communities limits access to creative education and stifles future artists. It weakens the arts that are already on the fringes of society rather than at its heart.

FIU’s arts programs are a hidden gem that shouldn’t be hidden in the first place. They provide exceptional opportunities for artistic and personal growth, deserving of greater recognition and support.

The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) stands as a beacon of creativity and scholarly pursuit. The programs under CARTA encompass a wide range of disciplines, which can engage students who come from across the globe to interact and engage with fields of interest. 

Students are encouraged to break down traditional boundaries between disciplines, resulting in innovative projects such as interactive multimedia installations that combine visual art and sound design, theatrical performances that integrate live music and digital projections, and digital art pieces that incorporate elements of animation and graphic design. 

This collaborative approach not only enhances students’ creative skills but also prepares them for diverse professional environments where multifaceted artistic abilities are increasingly valued.

Art is fundamental to human culture, spanning a variety of forms such as painting, music, literature, theater and dance. These expressions enrich our lives in numerous ways. Picture a world without the music that moves us, the paintings that make us think or the stories that open our eyes to different experiences. 

The stigma that arts will not provide enough for students after graduation needs to go. The arts encourage us to see the world from multiple perspectives and appreciate the complexity of beauty that we shouldn’t take for granted.


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