GLAM Fashion Show narrows lens on student body

Sneak peak of the first promotional photoshoot; (front left), participating student, Event Director Dr. Erica Friedman, and the Pride Center’s professional photographer | Isaac Campos, PantherNOW

Isaac Campos | Contributing Writer

The Glam Fashion Show on May 15, at Biscayne Bay Campus is an attempt from the Pride Center at FIU to celebrate diversity, break the fashion standard, and an opportunity for students to represent themselves! 

On May 15, event director Dr. Erica Friedman hosted the second photoshoot in a series of shoots for the GLAM Fashion Show in Fall.

This photoshoot allows students of all backgrounds and identities to receive professional and personal photos of themselves while also representing the student body within the promotional materials of the GLAM Fashion Show in Fall.

The fashion show centers the student population in its diversity allowing students to see that this event is for them as much as it does represent them. 

Friedman expressed that the event’s true purpose was in creating a communal space for representation.

“It’s all about people coming together and better understanding the community and what we represent and really we’re a community that represents everybody because every single type of person in the world could be LGBTQ,” said Friedman.

The GLAM Fashion Show Photoshoot has no qualifications, so any student from any background, identity, skin color, or body type can come out and represent themselves in a space where they can be validated. 

Friedman preached the positivity of the space created by the show. 

“It’s just a really positive space for people to really find themselves and be their authentic selves and find other people in the community who want to celebrate them too,” said Friedman.

The Glam Fashion Show in Fall will be on Biscayne Bay Campus located within the ballrooms. 

This event provides students with the opportunity not only to represent themselves but also to connect and network with the Miami community as this is a community facing event that receives sponsorship and support from different Miami Fashion organizations as well as working with local populations of trans and non-binary individuals who also are involved in the show.

Previously the Glam Fashion Show was supported by Andro Fashion Show, which is a fashion show out of Atlanta, Georgia that brings their own models and emcee to host and be involved in the event directly!

Last year the event was sponsored by Woxer, a undergarment fashion brand, that provided free underwear to all attendees. 

The event aims to cultivate the perfect environment for students to network with a variety of organizations and individuals as well as share an open space for the student body to represent themselves.

Dr. Friedman announces a mysterious, special guest speaker who will speak on a book of theirs as well as speaking on LGBTQ issues, specifically trans rights.

The next opportunity to be involved with the GLAM Photoshoot Promotionals is June 18th and will appear on PantherConnect’s event page as well as the Pride Center’s social media pages.

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