FIU BBC and I-75 campuses closed due to flooding

Via FIU Flickr

Conor Moore | News Director

After a week of heavy rain and flooding, FIU has announced via e-mail that they have decided to close evening classes at all university locations, with MMC and the Engineering Center opening Thursday morning and BBC and I-75 remaining closed until further notice.

The shuttle from BBC to MMC will remain open to ensure all students can return safely. The reason for the closure was likely due to the long travel time necessary for most students to reach these campuses.

It is advised that students who commute take precautionary measures during the rain, as the National Weather Service has instructed all South Florida residents to avoid driving through flooded roads and being mindful of hydroplaning.

These developments are subject to change, and more information from FIU will be provided regarding the status of campus as the week continues.

Update: Both I-75 campus and BBC has reopened on Thursday, June 13.

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