We’re losing the human touch and it’s depressing

The human touch is missing from our lives in at least one way every single day. | Megan Long, PantherNOW

Megan Long | Contributing Writer 

The human touch is disappearing before our eyes as we grow dependent on technology. If you’re anything like me, you already see how the lack of human connection affects our daily lives.

Something as normal as online classes gives us no chance to create bonds with others. Offering tons of online courses makes me think that professors care less about making connections with students and more about getting the class over with. 

Anyone who has taken an online course knows the dreadful feeling of being taught by random people on YouTube because the course material is not enough. 

Students are unable to have any type of connection to their professors or classmates when Canvas is their classroom— it’s depressing.

Living in a society that has grown in the wrong direction is disappointing. What happened to conversing and becoming friends with your neighbors? 

The sad reality is we choose who we talk to based on academic or career relevance. Talking and making connections are some of the best parts of being human, but it seems that we forgot that.

So why do we limit ourselves to only talking to certain people? We should want to go out and make friends for the fun of it. It’s not easy talking to just anybody but pushing social anxiety to the side can help us in the long run. 

The human touch is missing from our lives in at least one way every single day.

I love the quick connections I make with people. Honestly I don’t know what I’d do without them since staring at a screen is not for me. Just those small conversations I have with others makes all the difference.

I always come home and talk to friends or family about the people I saw and interacted with that day. I hold the moments I share with others close to my heart because it allows me to believe in something positive. 

It’s impossible for me even to fathom the changes our world may continue to face if we don’t check ourselves. New tech and making everything digital always seem glamorous but at what cost?

The importance of human connection is in our hands. It will take time, but I think we can get back to the basics and connect with each other again in the most meaningful ways. 


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