Articles by Cayla Bush

Student-led mentoring program sits with police

FIU professors brought together police and the youth of Miami’s community for a dialogue session. According to Miami Dade County’s Office of Economic & Demographic Research, close to 5,000 juvenile delinquency complaints were filed between 2013 and 2014. Reaching students during the ages where they’re most susceptible to police interaction is an important part of the dialogues.

Cosplay: more than just a costume party

To be a cosplayer is to be a fan – something that doesn’t differ from those who write fan-fiction or marathon their favorite show time and time again. As someone who enjoys cosplaying and attending cosplay conventions, I have seen how pop culture has grown and how much of an influence it has on simply dressing up.

Former basketball captain arrested on charges of credit card fraud and petit theft

Former women’s basketball team captain Destin Feagin was arrested Monday, May 3 at 5 p.m. on charges of credit card fraud and petit theft.
Feagin’s arrest stems from allegations of taking a teammate’s One Card and spending close to $350 during the month of February. Feagin admitted to the unauthorized use of her teammate’s card, and her mother, Joi Nicholson, made a $350 payment to the student’s account on February 29.

FIYOU candidates elected as SGC-MMC president and vice president

“We have high expectations for the new SGA officers at both MMC and BBC. They represent their fellow students to the administration, and this is an important responsibility,” Lunsford wrote in a statement to Student Media. “They also have fiduciary oversight for over $16 million in student fees. We have an excellent working relation with both groups, and I look forward to an active and productive year ahead.”