Articles by Juan Salamanca

A response to #PreserveOurFIU

So you’re an environmental activist determined to stop the administration’s plans to demolish a critical part of the nature preserve to build additional athletic practice fields on a college campus that has seven. I got bad news for you: You’ve already lost.

GOP debate proves that Trump is inescapable

From gun toting government and minority fearing survivalists to libertarians seeking a neo-Gilded Age, to gung-ho pro-lifers to rationally clueless ivy league investment and security industry types, to the Cubans who tremble with rage if it smells even a little bit like Castro, I have met many Republicans throughout the course of my life. In the politics of 2016, I’ve observed three convictions that unite them: an unwavering if inconsistent fear of big government, a deep obsessive hatred towards Barack Obama and the notion that Donald Trump must absolutely not be the GOP nominee.