Articles by Sam Smith

BBC to host lecture on AIDS journalist

“It’s important to bring young readers, both straight and gay, back to that time period and also be reminded of how many exceptionally talented, exceptionally gifted, exceptionally productive people – members of the media, the arts and business, all aspects of society – lost their lives to this disease at incredibly young ages,” said Freedman.

Fairgrounds update

FIU has been looking to expand its MMC campus into the Tamiami Park Fairgrounds, on the condition that the institution finds a replacement venue to host the fixture, which moved adjacent to FIU in 1972. FIU must also reimburse the fair for its infrastructural investment at its current location.

Is DAESH really in the US?

War is at our doorstep. Our national institutions of press and governance are dead set in sending our brothers and sisters, friends, sons and daughters and mothers and fathers to kill many like them and to die in a misguided military adventure.