Articles by Stephanie Espaillat

New course teaches basic ideas of computing

With a new course called “Computer Science for Everyone,” students will be able to learn coding, create apps and develop skills in computing to build their skillset for any field. IDC 1000 is where students can learn the seven “big ideas” of computing. Professor Christy Charters is the instructor for this fully online class, and she shares that the purpose for the course is to introduce students to the field of computing.

Homecoming Council shares how they plan homecoming

Each year, the homecoming council at FIU puts together a week of events to try and get students more involved within the FIU community. The amount of effort it takes to put together the week of homecoming, as well as what happens behind the scenes, is what some FIU students might miss.

“Roar to the Poll” tackles voter literacy on its first day

With a goal to register at least 5,000 students, the Student Government Association at FIU hosted its first “Roar to the Polls” event on Wednesday, Aug. 31 to discuss voter literacy. SGC-MMC began this initiative, with hopes of attracting Panthers to get registered and vote on Election Day; the first day of the three-day event took place in GC 243 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

FIU’s BBC wants students to #picturemycareer

The Career Expo is described as a premier professional development and recruiting opportunity for all FIU students and alumni. It offers students a platform for employment, internships, recruitment and on-the-spot interviews. The expo also provides career advising from professionals from respective industries.

Learning while earning

FIU Student Media met with students to discuss difficulties working at a job while going to school. With many students commuting to and from school, while prioritizing their work obligations, this full plate may prevent students from enjoying extra-curricular activities on and off-campus.