student government council

SGA amends constitution

The Student Government Association, a student-focused group responsible for the representation of the student body and the distribution of student fees to University organizations overseen by the Student Affairs office, announced a few changes in the organization’s constitution.

Letter to the Editor: Reporting on SGC-BBC elections ‘blemished with a number of errors’

The SGA BBC Elections Commission Board would like to thank The Beacon for recognizing our efforts in increasing participation for elections compared to previous years and for acknowledging our progression. However, we noticed that the article entitled “SGC-BBC elections still missing options,” has construed a few misconceptions and was blemished with a number of errors.

BBC to host lecture on AIDS journalist

“It’s important to bring young readers, both straight and gay, back to that time period and also be reminded of how many exceptionally talented, exceptionally gifted, exceptionally productive people – members of the media, the arts and business, all aspects of society – lost their lives to this disease at incredibly young ages,” said Freedman.