Slow-burning “Cosmopolis” will isolate audiences

After “A Dangerous Method” — which could be considered his biggest disappointment of the 2000s — David Cronenberg is back in the spotlight with “Cosmopolis,” and he’s brought along “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. This could sound like a recipe for disaster, but Pattison sheds his bland past and clothing to help craft a damn fine drama.

The women of “Brave” are the strong ones

After a disappointing delivery last year with “Cars 2,” everyone has been looking forward to seeing what Pixar would come up with next. Teasing audiences with only the vaguest previews of a young, fiery woman interested in archery, Pixar’s “Brave” captured the attention of many. Why reveal more when you could reveal nothing to audiences aside from lush scenery and an interesting character?