Cell phone photography as art

Scrolling down a Twitter feed, one could easily come across a tweet like the following: “I love Instagram, but I kind of hate that [it promotes] the idea that iPhone photography makes you a [legitimate] photographer.”

SPC schedules an eventful week for UPRoar

Over 3,000 students are expected to attend and have already grabbed tickets to this year’s UPRoar concert. The annual spring concert will be featuring the MTV Music Video Awards’ Best New Artist of 2007, “Gym Class Heroes” and Sean Michael Anderson, also known by his stage name, “Big Sean.”

Students compose original music for play

Sitting on cushions onstage and listening to live, original music while watching a magical, rich story unfold is just a few of the novel features the audience attending “Arabian Nights” will be apart of, which is directed by Phillip Church and written by Mary Zimmerman.

Scheduling woes: online versus in person classes

Students have a lot to consider when picking classes: instructors, time, and difficulty all weigh in before schedules are finalized. In addition to those factors, now, more than ever, students face the decision of taking courses in person or online.