“Marley” is a revealing documentary on a great musician

It’s hard not to have heard of Bob Marley at least once in your life. At the very least, you’ve probably heard one of his songs. For those of you who have ever had the slightest interest in his life, the documentary titled “Marley,” is worth your time.

Novel leaves readers wanting more

Jude Keffy-Horn and Teddy McNicholas spent the majority of their teenage years in a haze, with their eyes tired and heavy from whichever drug they managed to get their hands on from day to day.

“Bully has good intentions, but terrible execution”

Bullying is a disturbing issue that affects people of all ages, and often those who suffer the most are left in silence. In comes the Weinstein Company, on the highest of horses, to bring the world a documentary that declares “it’s time to take a stand” as its tagline. Unfortunately, “Bully” does not even come close to offering a realistic look at bullying in the U.S.