In Tune: Orlando Calling

Orlando Calling is upon us. It’s presented by Festival Republic, the same group that puts together a few things you may have heard of in Europe: Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.

Inspiring blogs cure the fashion blahs

Remember when I said to cut down on fashion blogs to avoid fruitless spending? I couldn’t do it. In order to survive without hitting the stores, I have needed some outfit inspiration. The best way to do this is by observing bloggers’ style. I look at many blogs daily, ranging from fashion photography to beauty. It seems like there are millions of them out there, some better than others. Here are some of my “real girl” favorites.

Channel Surfing: “Once Upon A Time” puts a new spin on fairy tales

“Once Upon a Time” surprisingly enchanted audiences on Sunday, racking up 12.8 million viewers and gaining the crown for best tune-in for this season’s fall drama premiere. There is no doubt that viewers will be able to reminisce the characters that lived in a dusty fable book, but they’ve got another thing coming.