State-wide strategic plan approved

At its most recent meeting, the Board of Governors of the State University System approved new or updated components and a set of performance indicators for the 11 state universities called the “Board of Governors’ Strategic Plan for the State University of Florida: 2012-2025.”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University President’s definition of global does not include Americans

I come to you by open letter because the guards have closed off the tower, reportedly, at your direction.

The message I have been attempting to deliver, these past two months, is too urgent to allow formality to exercise its deterrent effect.

Florida International University is a US-taxpayer-funded institution. According to your recent protestations, its purpose is to mold “global citizens.”

Capsule collections offer high fashion at low prices

I abhor the term “recessionista.” I do not know who coined it, but the insensitive term used in magazines is not a marketing technique I will ever fall for. Magazine editors only use it because it appeals to the guilty consciences of the top one percent.

Poor acting on “A Gifted Man” negates interesting plot line

“A Gifted Man” has the premise of an ingenious, arrogant doctor named Michael Holt (Wilson) who is accustomed to his upscale lifestyle. He gets an unexpected visit from his dead ex-wife, Anna Paul, who he claims to still love — you don’t see that very often.

In Tune: Orlando Calling deserves an encore

It’s no easy feat to organize a music festival. I think that’s something everyone can agree on. When you’re a music promoter from the UK organizing a new experience that has to live up to the expectations and hype associated with festivals like Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury on foreign soil, your job becomes a little harder. But this was the task that the folks at Festival Republic undertook and embraced wholeheartedly. With a determined spirit and passion for music, they organized Orlando Calling, and they ultimately delivered it.

SGA discusses possibility of political parties

While Republicans figure who will face off against Democratic President Barack Obama for the White House next year, student government at the University is figuring out how political parties will operate here.