Stephen King novel explores time travel

Frank Dunning slaughtered his wife and two of his kids with a sledgehammer. He left one of his kids crippled for life. Decades later, his surviving son, Henry Dunning, wrote about his story in an essay he was working on to gain his G.E.D.

Imperial Teen stay true to their catchy-pop sound

Imperial Teen sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It is full of catchy pop hooks, guy-girl harmonies that crash together in perfect unison and choruses that permeate through your head even after the song is over.

PRESS RELEASE: Petition filed to review budget process

“After analyzing Florida State Statutes, we discovered that as mandated by the State Legislature, the legislative body of SGA should be the one approving and allocating the entire budget, not just ¼ of the funds as it is now” said William-Jose Velez, president of CSR. “We understand the current process to be unlawful and non-compliant with the intent of the state government as to how the A&S fee funds should be allocated.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Explanation for Jan. 12 arrests from President Rosenberg

I know that many of you have heard that two students and five individuals who are not students were arrested on Thursday, January 12 for disrupting school functions. One of the most fundamental characteristics of the academy is the free and open expression and discussion of all points of view and FIU has a rich history of allowing and supporting individuals and groups to express their beliefs and opinions without hindrance.

Payroll change brings internal glitches

The divisions of Human Resources and Information Technology worked together to combine the capabilities of PantherSoft with the University’s Human Resources services to manage its $13 million payroll budget.

“Paralytic Stalks” an intimate look into frontman

Kevin Barnes is an immensely challenging artist to follow. While there are certain aspects of Montreal fans have come to expect both in their records and live performances, every hint at a possible new release always leaves the followers with a nagging sense of uncertainty, a bittersweet prospect of what is to come.

Transition from teen to adult with style

Guys, we are not teenagers anymore.

Yes, that’s right, it is time to hand down your super skinny jeans to a 12-year-old girl, give your extra-ripped jeans back to the bear who ripped them, build a time machine and leave the Hollister sex humor T-shirts back in 2005, leave sandals for the beach and stop your hair from looking like a mop.

Makeover your fitness and nutrition habits

Is your New Year resolution to dominate your diet and fit into those skinny jeans you have been dying to buy? If you are in fear of another failed resolution, here are some tips to help you make a nutrition makeover for 2012.