Candidate disqualified from SGA Elections

“I get paid by SGA, I’m invited to the SGA banquet, I have to go to all the cabinet meetings because RHA is an SGA and SGC-MMC agency. The Senate is able to remove me [as RHA President] because the senate created RHA and made it into a governing council,” said Sirven to Student Media.

SGA President creates Petition in support of #ExpandFIU

“I’ll say this to the president of the fair, or to the Miami Dade commissioners but when you think about the long term success and advancement of the community, education is the number one thing, and that will not come through the Youth Fair in the same level that FIU can provide it. I think compromise means we have to work to see what we can do to be better for our community. And the community has spoken loud and clear about what they want,” said Collazo.