Camille Williams

Bringing Big Changes: SGC-BBC President conquers

Jazmin Felix, a senior studying nursing and SGA-BBC 2014-2015 president, had her sights originally set on no campus life involvement. Yet, after being Student Government President in middle school and Vice President in high school, being in SGA-FIU was inevitable.

New SGC-BBC president and vice president set objectives

The Student Government Association at Biscayne Bay Campus concluded the 2014 election last Thursday, announcing its new President, Jazmin Felix and Vice President, Camille Williams.

In their list of objectives, Felix and Williams hope to make BBC a more student-centered and unified campus through a collaborated effort between SGA, students and administrators.

Panthers elect 2014-2015 student representatives

Alexis Calatayud and Tiffany Roman Biffa were elected Student Government Association president and vice president at Modesto Maidique campus for 2014-2015. Meanwhile, candidate Philip Koenig is making an appeal against alleged violations.

Roary celebrates birthday in new Panther Square

FIU’s mascot celebrated his birthday with about 150 students and staff members gathered in Panther Square at Biscayne Bay Campus.

The Student Government election results were announced at the start of the event, with Jazmin Felix as the new president and Camille Williams as vice president for 2014-2015.

One decade, many changes

Traffic lights, parking spaces, new buildings, more construction, incoming students— that’s what the University looks like in the next decade.