The Dark Side of Dance Culture

Male or female, if you don’t want to dance with somebody then declining is as simple as saying “no, thanks” or moving away if necessary. In a perfect world, nobody would have to move, but anyone that’s been on this planet for a minute has realized that this world isn’t perfect and some people just can’t take a hint.

Smart Girls Group taking initiative

SGG is a new organization on campus that aims to provide girls with empowerment and a sisterhood focusing on philanthropic involvement and self-growth.

Udhnani and Mautner are M.A.D.

“Make A Difference” for FIU is the campaign of Udhnani and Mautner, presidential and vice-presidential candidates of this year’s student government elections at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

Farinas, Castro ‘want to change’ SGA

With the goals of “innovation, transparency and representation,” senior Laura Farinas and sophomore Alex Castro are currently running for the presidential ticket at the Modesto Maidique Student Government Council Elections of 2012.

Involvement develops life-long relationships

When you care about an issue enough to get involved with organizations and other groups that share a common interest, you begin to expand your lasting social network for life that you may later need in life to make a mark on your resume and in your career.