Damian Gordon

Killing arcades – the death of social gaming

Arcades are becoming an increasingly rare relic within a society that is growing to favor distance over intimacy. These buildings that house games, prizes and machines brought to life some of gamings wildest fantasies, made them closer to reality and were shared among players of all ages.

Political correctness is ruining films

Holy censored dialogue, today’s atmosphere is so politically correct that it tries to sanitize anything that might possibly affect anyone. This has led to less R-rated flicks and more films where kids can enter and annoy a whole audience.

The Dark Side of Dance Culture

Male or female, if you don’t want to dance with somebody then declining is as simple as saying “no, thanks” or moving away if necessary. In a perfect world, nobody would have to move, but anyone that’s been on this planet for a minute has realized that this world isn’t perfect and some people just can’t take a hint.