CLASS DISMISSED: Web-based sex education worthwhile

While some students are genuinely looking for factual information, others are turning to pornography, Wikipedia and other unreliable, unrealistic portrayals of sexual behavior. In general, when students take to the Internet to find out more about sexual health, they are subject to misinformation distributed by unqualified sources.To alleviate the latter issue, colleges and universities should consider creating scholarly sex ed websites for their students.

CLASS DISMISSED: Rising tuition a manageable obstacle

With plans to increase our student body and expand the campus with new facilities, our tuition must be raised in order to afford the increased operating costs incurred by this growth.

I imagine that other state universities are following suit with plans to expand and improve their campuses, therefore, as students, we are set to foot the bill.

On a brighter note, federal aid and Bright Futures Scholarships are not the Alpha and Omega of financial aid.