Pot: The weed of society

Image by via Flickr M. Jane | Concerned Citizen opinion@fiusm.com This is a satirical piece meant for entertainment purposes. Any truth or actual facts contained…

On-campus drug use on the rise

Enrollment statistics show that between 2010 and 2012 the total undergraduate enrollment went up by 14 percent. However, liquor law referrals doubled, and drug and alcohol related arrests tripled on the Modesto Maidique Campus.

UPDATE: President Rosenberg removes Pike from University

Pi Kappa Alpha has been suspended after screenshots from the fraternity’s private Facebook page about drugs, hazing and cheating on exams were shared to the University by an anonymous source. One member posted to never leave a “Pike trail,” but the Facebook page did just that.

“Pina” embraces spirit of famous choreographer Pina Bausch

Often transcending the need for a traditional narrative, Wim Wenders is one of the few men who can truly capture the beauty of the world around us in his films. His latest test to the limits of cinema comes of the form of “Pina,” a 3-D documentary about dance.

Williams captures essence of icon Marilyn Monroe

Capturing the essence of the magnetic woman, Marilyn Monroe, has been a great challenge. How does one portray one of the greatest female icons of the 20th century and do her justice? The actress must put aside the pedestal of perfection and show an innocent and lost woman, rather than the lavish star that many imagine her as.

REEL TO REEL: Latest film in “Paranormal Activity” franchise the best yet

The third film of a horror movie franchise like “Final Destination 3” and “The Exorcist III” usually runs out of steam, marking the end of a franchise. “Paranormal Activity 3,” however, manages to do quite the opposite, as it further explores the origins of the demonic entity of this franchise and comes up with more scare that will cause your pulse to race a mile a minute.