ECON WITH NEDA: New agreement insufficient resolution for Greece

During an economic crisis, Europe’s options differ from the those of the United States. Although Europe has a unified currency and independent central bank, it is not like the Federal Reserve. The Fed can supply unlimited emergency funds to governments and banks that need them. Europe’s approach—insistence on imposing austerity in exchange for bailouts—is not going to regenerate growth, especially not in Greece.

ECON WITH NEDA: Debit card charges, a possible hassle, but avoidable

This sudden desire to charge customers is not unwarranted, though. On Oct. 1, The Federal Reserve implemented a rule, which limits fees that card networks charge merchants to 21 cents per transaction — about half the average that retailers have paid in the past. In response to this new rule, banks are trying to make up some of the $8 billion they stand to lose. To banks, this is a solution to their loss – for customers like us, this is a new problem.

ECON WITH NEDA: Investing in the education of young girls pivotal for global economy

“Investing in a girl stops poverty before it starts.” That is the premise of the powerful initiative called The Girl Effect, a movement created by the Nike Foundation and driven by girls around the globe.
Girls need to be properly educated to break the cycle of poverty – they have the ability to thrive, they just need the opportunity. With over 250 million girls living in poverty, more time and money needs to be spent on providing the necessary tools to educate young girls, which will lead to a prosperous global economy.

ECON WITH NEDA: Money management course is essential

Understanding the concept of saving and applying this principle to one’s lifestyle is a common struggle, especially amongst college students. Creating a financial plan is not the most desirable practice for most incoming freshmen, let alone the most considered. To help students understand the necessity of financial planning and developing a saving habit, I think that a course specializing in managing personal finances should be part of the University Core Curriculum.