Environmental Causes

A response to #PreserveOurFIU

So you’re an environmental activist determined to stop the administration’s plans to demolish a critical part of the nature preserve to build additional athletic practice fields on a college campus that has seven. I got bad news for you: You’ve already lost.

CLASS DISMISSED: Prayer makes its way into the pep rally

As for non-believers, this law poses a threat to their rights too. Our First Amendment doesn’t just give all of us freedom to practice any religion; it also gives us freedom from practicing religion. Therefore, these students may also become marginalized, even targeted for their lack of faith.
At the very the least, they will be forced into a highly uncomfortable position should the overwhelming majority of their peers bow their heads in prayer during a required school assembly.
Granted, if any student – or teacher, for that matter – doesn’t want to take part in an assembly where spiritual content is included, they reserve the right to simply walk out.
However, in my experience, it isn’t that easy. In high school, I was subjected to a mandatory “surprise assembly” in which there was religious content that I didn’t agree with at the time.
In theory, I could have simply walked out.

Involvement develops life-long relationships

When you care about an issue enough to get involved with organizations and other groups that share a common interest, you begin to expand your lasting social network for life that you may later need in life to make a mark on your resume and in your career.