Fabienne Fleurantin

What does the Confederate flag really mean?

The symbols that one sports may gleam with glitz and glory, but behind every image lies a meaning; a designated history, forever transforming its original definition to the world. The Multicultural Programs and Services presented students at BBC with this discussion on the meaning behind the Confederate flag and how this symbol impacted students here at FIU.

Greek involvement in SGA beneficial

The Student Government Association is a government led by students for students, aimed at establishing a representative form of democracy built to solve the concerns of the FIU student body. It has often been said that SGA has a heavy Greek influence and there are many benefits to this.

Honoring the legacy of Jeffrey Schmalz

Captivated by the story of a man who was dedicated to informing the world of an important cause, Samuel G. Freedman and Kerry Donahue set out on a journey to tell the incredible story of journalist, Jeffrey Schmalz. AIDS may have taken Schmalz in the end, but with his death, came the birth of a new journalism.

International students strain for jobs

In the words of Big Sean, I feel blessed. You know why? Even though I have to pay for tuition, our university comes at a fairly cheap price. I have various alternatives available at my disposal to help pay for these costs. Financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, jobs on and off campus—these are the things that give my wallet some relief. Unfortunately, these aren’t the same opportunities offered to international students.

Elections in Haiti stopped indefinitely

My family emigrated from Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, that fact still remains true today. This country that has been ravaged by corruption and greed finally had an opportunity of conducting a democratic election on Jan. 24, but a day before it was to be decided who would become the next presidential successor, the election was postponed indefinitely. Jude Celestin, a presidential candidate, “refused to participate over alleged fraud,” as mentioned by a Reuters article.

Creating a stable government has been a recurring issue in Haiti. Since 1957, Haiti has been unable to build a proper governmental system due to the dictatorship of the Duvalier family. Ever since then, the transition of power to another successor has been one of difficulty.

Immigrants are not a threat to American job security

Americans may feel threatened by the mass influx of immigrants, creating this idea that there will be less jobs available for them, but that is not the case. Many immigrants come here, running from fear of persecution, with no means of income, searching for a healthier environment for themselves, and their families.

Obama’s Nation: Affordable Education

President Obama’s last State of the Union address Tuesday evening touched on many subjects, ranging from healthcare, to immigration, and even the military. Yet, when he spoke about the issues of education in America and what changes he had planned for the remainder of his term, he captured my full attention.