FIU community gathers to overcome recent tragedies

Due to recent events involving police officers, the FIU community came together to reflect on the escalation of tragedies taking place all around the world. FIU gathered to reflect on the significant horrors taking place in Turkey and Bangladesh, and also the systemic issues concerning police brutality and violence here in the United States.

‘Fun and comfortable’ group fitness

“Fitness in the army is not fun. You don’t get music and you don’t get to do what you want to do.”
It’s important to Clamens to keep his classes fun and comfortable, so he plays music to distract the students from the intensity of the workout.

FIU to build bridge over sw 8th Street

Plans are underway to build a $9.3 million, 320 foot long pedestrian bridge across Southwest 8th St., making it easier for students, faculty and visitors to get from Sweetwater to the MMC campus. Munilla Construction Management and FIGG Bridge Engineers are teaming up to make the plans a reality and the bridge is expected to be completed by summer 2018.