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Less work, more study: University limits students to 20-hour work weeks

Starting fall 2014, student employees will be limited to 20 hours per week. This cap on student work hours comes after research by the Office of Retention and Graduation Success determined that limited work increases students’ chances of graduating in four years and achieving higher standards of academic performance.

Summer graduation now a “hot” commodity

Typically, there are six summer graduation ceremonies that occur. According to the Sun Sentinel, 3,500 students graduated this past summer, as opposed to 4,000 last winter and 4,300 last spring. Ivette Duarte, the interim director of Career Services, said seniors enrolled in summer A, B and C term that graduate in August face a better job market.

EDITORIAL: Homecoming concert inadequately planned

While The Beacon commends the Homecoming Council for booking a major recording artist for this year’s concert, we believe that the limited number of seats, stage setup, poor effort in advertising, ticket distribution and cost has turned the event into quite the fiasco.