Irvin Rosenfeld

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In Regards to the Arrests at FIU

When they approached en mass (November 16, 2011), four to our seven, you can imagine the element of intimidation that was in play. No tents, sleeping, or staying past 9pm-8am, the police said. These arbitrary rules created with no written documentation to follow up their claims validity, were observed as a courtesy by the Occupy crew at FIU, though mediation with the General Counsel was required just to get a tent up as a protest symbol. The very idea of limiting the terms of free speech to a zone, then further limiting its parameters to a time frame is repugnant. These practices are of a subversive nature and should not be tolerated by the student body. In protest perhaps everyone conducting activities at FIU should use the word Occupy before their event to witness first hand the prejudice involved by the word alone.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Occupy FIU movement gains national attention

The recent arrests at the Occupy FIU event that took place on January 12th brings forth two pressing questions: Why have these students chosen to engage to University through means of direct action and protest rather than going through the proper channels, and how is this movement relevant?

EDITORIAL: Occupy FIU must reevaluate its demonstration methods

We understand that FIU is still a young university that lacks a lengthy history of campus activism. It is learning how to react to a new generation of students who are witnessing a unique social movement in other cities and university campuses that does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. We all need to get use to the soapbox. But let’s make sure it’s okay to stand on it first.