John Bailly

Standardized education suppresses growth

As time goes on, I become more and more convinced that the Scholarship Aptitude Test is a weapon of mass destruction. Never mind the untold stress it inflicts on millions of high school students throughout the United States each year, the SAT helps create a culture of schooling that says students are only as capable as their test scores indicate, only as intelligent as their grade point averages suggest.

University embraces millennial trend

The Department of Parking and Transportation partnered up with the Office of Sustainability to paint sharrows, a pavement marking that reminds motorists that the lane is shared with cyclists, around campus and build bike lanes on expanding roads.

Panthers head to Tallahassee for in-state series

FIU (0-3) kicks off its next three game series on Feb. 24, as the team will travel about 480 miles north to Tallahassee to square off against Florida State University.

Joining their team after serving a three-game suspension for an unspecified violation of team rules are senior infielder Mike Martinez and redshirt senior pitcher Logan Dodds.